Timeline of my career as a artist

It’s been a while since I posted, but I’ve been moving right along with school and building my new life. I have a new job that should suffice for now. […]

Things are going pretty well, but I’m still looking for a job. School is good and I am all set to volunteer at a local school in the art classes. […]

I finally decided to go for it and get my MA with licensure so I can be an art teacher. I think I will really enjoy it and cant wait […]

New Studio Building

Thought I’d post a pic of the new studio. My dad, my son, and I have gotten most of the wiring done. Just waiting on more funds to move things […]

Well, its finally happening! My new studio building is being delivered in less than 3 hours. I’m so excited! Now I just have to get the inside finished and I […]